long dress

long dress

Very beautiful long dresses and other fashionable women ‘s clothing made of Natural heavy silk.

Elegant and practical.

In recent years, after scientific research, people have found that silk fabrics have good health and treatment functions.

Silk, which is a protein fiber, contains 18 kinds of amino acids beneficial to the human body, which can help the skin maintain the metabolism of the surface lipid film, so it can keep the skin moist and smooth.

In addition, it has an auxiliary therapeutic effect on certain skin diseases.

Medical workers used silk to make various fabrics according to the needs of various parts of the human body. Thirty patients with itchy skin were selected for treatment. The results showed that simple use of silk fabrics can achieve better curative effect without the use topical drugs.

Silk can also protect people’s skin from the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

The silky silk that the silkworms spit out will gradually turn yellow under the ultraviolet light, because the silk absorbs the ultraviolet rays in the sunlight.

Medical common sense tells people that excessive ultraviolet radiation is extremely harmful to human skin.Therefore, the absorption of ultraviolet rays by silk fibers can achieve the purpose of preventing ultraviolet rays.

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